CrossFit Bonedale


About Us

“The” History of Crossfit Bonedale

Once upon a time there was a couple who had always been athletes and loved the outdoors. Fitness was always a big part of there lives and one day they stumbled onto something called Crossfit and immediately fell in love with this program. It reminded them of the comradery of team sports. Having only been participating in Crossfit for short time they had a clear vision of opening an affiliate and creating a community around the idea of “bringing people together” to create a community within a community. Crossfit Bonedale was born from this vision and continues to operate under that guidline today. It is no more apperent than when you are out in town and you run into someone that has done or is doing Crossfit. We pride ourselves in knowing we have created a place where there are no boundries between young and old, rancher and businessman.


At CROSSFIT BONEDALE our goal is to teach and coach the correct technique, form and full range of motion for any movement performed in our facility. We will daily push your limits across the ten general physical skills, such as, CARDIOVASCULAR RESPITORY ENDURANCE, STAMINA, STRENGTH, FLEXIBILITY, POWER, SPEED, AGILITY, BALANCE, COORDINATION, and ACCURACY, to create a higher functional level of fitness.